03/27/2011 11:27

Stuborn little sucker

We have been here for over three weeks.  The staff is not losing hope just yet.  New standards are coming into play.  This morning Dr. Moshtael informed me that they will be moving Cadence's room so it is closer to the nurses station.  They will not have things up on the walls as we had them.  they dont want to make her room appealing.  She has been without TV and that will continue. She can no longer eat a meal and get me back.  She has to go 3 meals, or 24 hours if you will.  This morning she was very stubborn according to the nursing staff and Dr. M.  She did not eat breakfast.They are thinking about taking away books as well.  Dr. M needs to resinate on that because she doesnt like the idea of taking away books, however they need her to be so bored she really really makes an effort to leave.  We had about 4 or 5 days in a row where she would eat breakfast but not lunch or dinner.  I am not sure what today will have in store since we have started out totally different.

I have made a good friend with a woman here from Georgia who's daughter is in the same boat, if you will, as Cadence.  Her daughter is 17.  Luckily we have eachother to kind of lean on for support and such.  Please keep Sherri and her daughter Shannon in your prayers as well.

The clinic's process includes family therapy.  I have met with the therapist acouple of times now.  Towards the end of the last session we had she paused and asked if she could be so bold to suggest something.  She would like Cadence to be tested for Aspbergers.  It is something that more than likely we will have to do when we get back to Arizona as time and resources are limited.  She said she was going to talk to a few people though and see what she could do.

Please keep praying, if you dont mind.  Thank you





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