03/23/2011 20:01


Well here's your report.  Basically parent group night went well...  lots and lots of different types of eating disorders and lots of different ages and lots of parents!  wow.

Cadence's doctors have decided she will not require the DTU (day treatment unit).  Slowly I am getting on board with this.  Basically they are trying to raise her metabolic rate and keep her from being orthostatic.  They are confident that when those things happen, she will continue to thrive based on her selective diet. The plan for now is to keep the NG tube in until she eats at least 80% of each meal consistantly.  That in itself is proving to be a problem.  She has been averaging about a meal a day.  They continue the behavior modification where I have to leave until she eats a meal (80%of it).  Since I last updated they have started making her time in the hospital a bit more bland since she doesnt seem to mind too much if I am not there.  TV can not be watched unless the meal was eatten.  They also take away any activities including art and any "fun" therapies that are allowed (normally) in her room.  She is bored bored bored.  She is allowed to read and do math.  Doesnt seem to mind too much though, as she is still defying eating. 

After she completes that stage, they will remove the tube and watch and see.... basically.  That too will probably take some time.  I am guessing about a week.  So a timeline cannot be established since we are at the whim of a child.  I guess we will just take things one day at a time.





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