03/16/2011 09:33

rain, rain, go away

Well, lets see.  What is new.  I know its been awhile since I have updated you, but honestly there isnt a whole lot to inform.  Cadence still is being completely tube fed.  She is still hypo metabolic and needs 2614 calories a day.  We have been here for 12 days and Cadence has gained 3 pounds.  The doctors have now prescribed 5mg Zydis for the anxiety towards her eating in the hopes that by today or tomorrow she will want to start eating on her own.  Last night she did ask to eat, however it was not time to eat so she had to wait until the morning.  Dr Moshtael gave her ample opportunity to ask for something to eat for breakfast and Cadence refused, showing she is not quite there yet.  I have a feeling it will be a long afternoon, once she realizes that she has to wait till tomorrow to get food.  Her attitude leaves much to be desired.  She must think she is at the spa.  The doctors say that she needs to be respectful, however, they do not want her to "like" it here.  She needs to want to leave.  She has thrown up another time, so the tube has gone in again.  Another middle of the night kind of thing.  She is taking the new medication which causes drownyness and I was still giving her the meletonin to help her sleep.  So the other night she slept right through a bowel movement.  The meletonin has been taken out of the equation so we havent had any of the incontinence issues anymore.

Today there is a volunteer from the RMD house that will drive visitors to the Lloyd District where there are grocery stores and a shopping mall.  I am nervous and excited to get out.  It is not the most pleasant of days outside.  Still raining.  Im not sure what I will do.  Grocery shop for sure.  (Usually a Jon job thing!)  I know I will forget some items, but I have made a list and gosh darnit I will be checking it twice.  Hopefully Cadence will not be unruely while I am gone.  I just wish I had my own car here.  I know it is important for me to get out and do things, I just have a hard time leaving her, especially when shes so very moody.  They will call if they need me, but what happens when I try to get back?  Taxi? 

After having MANY people asking what they can send and insisting on something, I talked it over with Jon.  We are a bit short on cash flow now being stretched through 3 states.  (the house in WI, no its still not sold, the living in AZ and now in OR.)  I am quite short on clothing and once we are on Day treatment, Cadence will have a dress code which is not super expensive, but I will need to get her some clothing as well.  Gift cards would be a blessing.  No amount is too small.  It would all help.  

Also if you are interested in getting a t-shit for "Team Cadence" let me know.  I am going to try and see if there is a way I can showcase the shirts I designed through a website and ordered for Jon, Cadence and myself.  I have heard some chatter about others possibly wanting one.  I will let you know when that develops.





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