02/13/2011 23:57

Its going to happen this week

I'm not sure what I was expecting to feel, but this was not it.  We were told that the clinic in Denver would not be a good fit for Cadence based on there not being a "support system".  Their youngest patient is 15.  They referred us to a clinic in Portland.  We started the process over again including a 27 page questionaire mostly dealing with family history.  Then there was a fiasco with insurance, but alas... the clinic has decided our case is one they are willing to take on.  Now that we have a date set to meet the doctor I've been told can help us, I just feel more nervous than before.  Not knowing where we are going or what is going to happen is driving me crazy!  I am also nervous that I am going to be expected to know what the doctors are saying and making decisions alone. 

Thursday Cadence and I will board a plane to the Kartini Clinic in Portland, OR.  It's a one way ticket.  I have no idea what to pack.  How long will we be there?  I dont have any answers and Cadence is (rightfully so) scared.  The only thing I have been able to reassure her with is that mommy will not let anyone hurt her.  I dont know if she will be admitted and if I will be able to stay with her.  All I know is that Dr. O'Toole is considered one of the leading doctors for pediatric eating disorders in the country.  I pray I can stay in one piece. 





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