04/04/2011 21:43

huh..there is a light at the end of that tunnel! Who knew?


What a weekend!!  It started for me on Saturday night.  My dad called me at about 9:00 or so.  He told me the UPS man was at the RMD house to deliver my birthday present and he couldn’t get in.  I was up at the hospital getting Cadence ready to settle down, but I told him I would go as fast as I could.  C was hesitant at first of me leaving so fast, but finally agreed to my departure.  I moved as quickly as I could in the hopes of seeing the truck and flagging it down if I had to!!  I wanted my present!!  As I get closer, I notice that there is no truck.  Disappointed, I start thinking, "well maybe someone let him in and he’s gone".  As I got closer to the dark building I notice next that there is a man standing by the front door holding a light of some sort towards me.  I thought to myself, "that’s weird!  That guy looks just like my dad!"  "He’s even wearing what appears to be a Green Bay Packer shirt!"  With the next step I realize IT IS MY DAD!!  What an amazing surprise!  So many things started adding up from the past few weeks!  It was perfect timing. 

Sunday morning Dr. Moshtael made a HUGE exception and allowed my dad to come into the hospital and see Cadence!  She was also quite surprised.  She had that same kind of look I'm sure that I did.  The, I know you from somewhere, but you don’t belong in this place, kind of look.  Which of course quickly changed to arms out yelling "GRANDPA!!"  Sunday was an amazing day.  Cadence ate 100% of each and every meal.  So Cadence was discharged this morning from the hospital as planned. She went from the hospital across the street to the DTU (Day Treatment Unit).  We picked her up at 3 and had a great dinner together in the dining room.  She somehow conned Grandpa into sleeping with her tonight.  My dad will leave around 4 in the morning.  It was a short trip, but boy oh boy was it a GREAT one!  The sun was even out on Sunday and I am pretty sure it didn’t rain at all! 

Cadence is still getting her feedings at night which I administer.  C gets a bit of a kick out of it and calls me nurse mommy.  It's a little scary I have to admit and can’t get over the feeling that it’s like taking her home from the hospital after she was born.  You get these "instructions" on things to do and you can’t help but feel overwhelmed and like you’re going to mess something important up.  Between the medicine, tube feeding and regular feeding, everything is new and different.  I am sure we will get through it.

Jon will be here on Thursday!  The therapist who specializes in behavioral issues will see Jon, C and me on Friday.  She will run a series of questions to test for aspergers.  Either way, it will be good to know. 





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