03/21/2011 16:41


Not sure what to report.  Every day is different.  Today she did not eat breakfast but ate lunch, so I came up to the hospital.  After I was there for an hour or two it was time for her snack, so out I went waiting for the report.  I got sent home.  So I will wait till dinner and see if she can do 3 days in a row of eating dinner.  Oddly enough, she hasnt done breakfast or lunch for the last few days, but dinner works...

Dr. O'Toole has taken back her television priviledges from whenever she wanted to 9-6.  She seemed content and of course, they dont want her content.  They would like for her to want to leave.  She does, but not enough apparently. 

There is a parent meeting at the clinic tonight.  (Well there is every Monday night, but I have always forgotten)  Tonight I will go and meet some other parents with same, but different problems.  It is amazing the people I have met here.  I went from feeling like a bad mother who did something to cause this and the only kid I knew like this, to knowing I didnt cause this, it is a disorder and I am not alone.  There are picky eaters and then there are selective eaters.  Dr. O'Toole has assured me the chances of Cadence eating PB&J for the rest of her life is high.  Its hard wired into her.  That was hard to swallow.  I really thought there was something that could be done.  The only thing that can be done is our attitude.  Never making Cadence feel bad for her choice of eating.  We spent so much time hammering away at her eating other things, that it pushed her away from the few foods she does enjoy.  In the scheme of things, we have also been reassured that of all the foods to be selective to, PB&J is not a bad thing.  

Well, I gotta get a move on to laugh and cry with some other folks who know exactly what  this is all about.  Thanks for the read and I will try to update sooner.   





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