03/08/2011 12:43

fight the fat

you know something that struck me as funny the last few days is how this country is fighting obesity.  Im fighting for mine to gain just a few pounds!  I never realized how much of the food we give her is reduced fat, lite, non fat.  I have always excluded her eating times from ours, but never fed her a different diet.  The food she eats, for the most part, is the food I had always bought for myself.  Even the food that I dont eat which is meant for children, is low fat.  I'm assuming mostly because of said epidemic.  To clairify any further confusion (and perhaps any past!) I dont think I am a bad mom, or that we are bad parents.  I think I am a fairly decent mom..... not too great, most certainly not the worst.  I am mearly noticing things since being under such a microscope, and being given such a window to think.  Its funny to me the things you realize when you are taken out of your ordinary life and routine.  Things that had become mundane and complacent are brought into a new light. 

Anyways the Dr is very happy with Cadence's appetite.  She has put on almost a pound and a half since we were checked in.  She (Dr Moshtael) thinks we will be able to remove the tube hopefully tonight and more than likely in a few days we will check out and stay at the Ronald McDonald House.  At this point they are not thinking it is food phobia and they are fairly sure she has selective eating issues.  She will still be observed, but at the Kartini clinic across the street.  Right now, clear answers are not defined.  Hopefully I will get some answers.  Will let you know as soon as I do.





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