03/02/2011 13:36

edit and update!

Well we couldnt get to Portland when we had originally scheduled.  Jon, Cadence and I will be leaving tomorrow, the 3rd of March for Cadence's Friday appointment.  We will check into the Ronald McDonald house sometime in the late afternoon and maybe get to see some scenery.  Then its resting up (hopefully) for the big day.  I am eager to meet Dr. O'Toole, but nervous about what will happen.  Will I get to take my baby back to the RMD house with me?  What will I do if they admit her?!  I guess I have to try not to think about that since there is nothing I can do about it now.  I am thankful Jon will be there.  He will be leaving on Monday though.  I am praying this will be an "easy" fix.  Maybe we will only be out for a few weeks!  That would be amazing! Cadence has agreed to let us take pictures along the way to check our progress. 





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