04/26/2011 09:34

Doing better


Well we have been home for just over two weeks now.  Cadence has adjusted beautifully.  She was so excited to get back to school!  She continues to eat very well.  Same stuff as before, only better quantities and all meals are eaten to their fullest.  (and snacks)  She had her first weigh in last week.  We will continue to weigh her monthly with her regular pediatrician graphing her development.  I was beyond scared!  They told us to expect her to have some weight loss when we get home.  She no longer has the nose tube; she is off bed rest and running around so it is only natural to drop weight.  The results came in and she gained two pounds!  Holy cow!!  WHAT?!  Most certainly not the direction I was expecting.  Her spirits are good.  She is crawling out of her skin, however.  She has been off of the ADHD medication since the beginning of our journey to Portland.  I do believe she was misdiagnosed.  I do believe her to be more in line with the Aspergers Syndrome.  The problem is finding someone to diagnose her.  Yesterday alone, as an example, I spoke to 3 clinics.  (Do you know how much hold time that was??!)  They either cannot see her until August (the earliest of the three) or they do not take insurance.  I am quickly running out of options here in the Valley.  I will most likely start exploring other states..... again.  It will be ok.  She is at least healthy.  I just don’t like the way she can quickly snap, or decide to take her emotions out on her school mates.  The school's need for her to change in order to keep her there last fall is what kicked off the misdiagnosis in the first place.  They are already starting to feel the strain of her.  I think it is a little better now that she thinks slightly better than she did when she was malnourished.  We will just have to see.
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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