03/06/2011 07:56

Day 4

Cadence's mood has overall been better.  We met Dr. Moshtael yesterday.  She works the days Dr. O'Toole is gone.  She started off the day letting C know who was boss.  C told her she just wasnt going to eat until the NG tube was removed.  Dr. Moshtael said, well we cant take it out until you start eating and you cant leave here with the tube still in, so who do you suppose that is working for?!  C ate 12 grapes for breakfast.  For lunch she had part of a PB&J and for dinner she had mac n cheese.  During a few moments she did say she was hungry.  However, they can not give her anything between meals as she is following a strict diet guideline.  I am not sure what the next step is exactly.  I believe starting tomorrow they will remove the option of what she wants to eat until she decides she wants to eat.  It is to remove any stress pressed on her about eating.  I think they will also be giving her a medication to help ease the anxiety associated with her eating.  They are pretty confident she does not have a food phobia at this point.  I guess ruling out diagnosis' puts us on the path to finding the right one.  Why wont she grow?

Hopefully she can come off of bedrest soon too.





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