03/05/2011 07:52

Could use some sun

    Well I am a day late on posting for yesterday.  I will try to remember and let you know what happened.

Cadence, Jon and I got to meet Dr. O'Toole.  After about 3 hours of proding, peeing, weighing, questioning and answering, we were told Cadence would need to be admitted the the hospital across the street.  The Dr. is concerned about a few things.  One, her failure to thrve.  Why?  could be a few things.  She wondered about renal tubular acidosis.  The pH level in C's urine was very high with alkaline.  It would explain her low interest in food and her not growing.  It could be a food phobia.  But her brain is so very malnurished it cant make rational decisions about food.  So first thing is first.  Administering a feeding tube and "re-booting" her system.  Two, she is concerned with her medication.  She is ceasing her medication for ADHD.  It is not important at the moment and also hindering any hope of appetite.  We will revisit that later.

At the hospital an IV is introduced.  Not a favorite. They also did an EKG.  But the kicker was the feeding tube.  This put Cadence into hysterics.  She cried and yelled for a good hour.  Yelling to go home.  It was awful.  It still is not the best thing, but she is getting more used to it. 

By evening the Kidney Doctor came in and said after reviewing her case, he is not concerned with any sort of failure.  He explained that people who eat meat tend to have a urine pH on the acidity side.  Because C doesnt eat meat.... that would explain the high alkaline level. 

Now we are playing the waiting game.  Jon will be leaving to go back to Arizona on Monday.  Currently he is holding our room at the Ronald McDonald House by sleeping there.  The people and facility are amazing to say the least.  Hopefully by Monday night I will be able to leave C overnight at the hospital and sleep on a bed again.  As much as I hate to leave her, I dont see being much good to her if I cant move and am sleep deprived.

The nurses and hospital staff are great and they offer so many things I didnt know existed.  Movie and game rentals.  School.  Activities.  We met a great girl yesterday who is the "art therapist" here.  I think that would be a cool job.  She seems to love it!

For now that is it, I believe.  Thank you for your continued support and prayer.  We will take all we can get! 





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